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Prodotti Made in Italy

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Profumo Ville Fiorite


Il profumo che cattura l'eleganza e la raffinatezza delle ville immersi nei Giardini di Sorrento in piena fioritura.

Immaginati circondato da petali di rosa e gelsomino, con accenni di arancia dolce e vaniglia. Un'esperienza sensoriale senza precedenti

Scopri le sfumature di "Ville Fiorite" attraverso le sue note distinte. ​All'inizio, l'esplosione fruttata di arancia dolce, pesca nettarina e lampone ti avvolgerà delicatamente; ​Poi, nel cuore, il gelsomino sambac e la rosa taif regaleranno un tocco floreale avvolgente, arricchito da eleganti fiori bianchi; Infine, sul fondo, la calda persistenza di vaniglia, legno di sandalo, ambra e muschi fruttati lascia un'impronta indimenticabile.

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Profumo Ville Fiorite

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How a Scotti Perfume Comes to Life...

1. Selection of Essences

The creation of Sorrento's artisanal perfume begins with a meticulous selection of precious essences. Essential oils from local citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are blended with other aromatic notes, forming a unique olfactory mosaic.

2. Fragrance Composition

In the second phase, the chosen essences are skillfully combined to craft the desired fragrance. Perfumers expertly blend top, heart, and base notes, balancing the freshness and vibrancy with deeper, enveloping sensations.

3. Refinement and Artisanal Care

The composed fragrance is then allowed to rest for a refinement period, during which the aromas blend and evolve. Craftsmanship is essential: each bottle is filled with care, sealed, and meticulously decorated to embody the essence of Sorrento in every detail.

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What are the distinctive features of your handmade, high-quality, Made in Italy perfumes from Sorrento?

Our handmade perfumes stand out for the premium essence and Mediterranean inspiration. Each fragrance is carefully crafted in Sorrento, capturing the essence of the coast and its products.

How are your perfumes crafted?

Our perfumes are meticulously crafted by hand in Sorrento, using only precious and natural essences. Every step, from selecting raw materials to creating the fragrance, is carried out with dedication and attention to detail.

What makes "Scotti Sorrento" perfumes unique?

"Scotti Sorrento" perfumes blend the region's historical charm with modern craftsmanship. The fragrances pay homage to Sorrento's landscapes and scents, creating an authentic and memorable olfactory experience.

What guarantees of authenticity and quality do you provide?

We ensure that every product is made in Sorrento, Italy, according to high artisanal standards. Each perfume is tested and carefully packaged to provide a luxurious and high-quality experience for our customers.

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Craftsmanship Made in Italy

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Our 'Made in Italy' perfumes embody artisanal passion and excellence. Each drop represents tradition, precious ingredients, and the art of generations. Wear authentic Italian luxury.

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